Welcome to brilliantatenglish.com!

Dear English language learner,

Thank you so much for stopping by! I created this site inspired by the idea to help you learn or improve your English. Here you will find an abundance of information related to grammar rules and practice, vocabulary use and exercises, tips on developing your writing and speaking skills.

But first, let me introduce myself briefly. My name is Lara and I have an MA in English and an MA in Geography. In the course of my career I have also attended numerous courses and seminars leading to the following qualifications and certificates:

  •  Professional teaching qualification- teaching English in primary, secondary and high school
  • Certificate: Teacher training Seminar- Personalising your classroom; Interactive whiteboard- Capture the students’ attention; Using the latest technology in the EFL classroom- 02/2008
  • Hellenic American Union Examiner Training Workshop on the written and oral examination of ECCE-ECPE, University of Michigan and BCCE-ALCE, Hellenic American University , May 2009
  •  Certificate: Teacher training Seminar- Tips for PET for School takers; Teaching Speaking and Writing Skills for PET and FCE; Interactive Exam Preparation- 10/2010
  • Certificate: Teacher training Seminar- American Certificates- International Recognition; Teaching English in an Interactive Learning environment- 02/2010
  •  Certificate: Teacher training Seminar- Meaningful Input- Realistic output- 02/2011
  •  Certificate: Teacher training Seminar- Assessing Writing for the ECCE and ECPE Certificate Examinations- 03/2011
  •  British Council Teacher Training Course- Teaching Critical and Creative Thinking- 12/2012
  •  Certificate: Innovative methods of teaching -06/2017
  •  Professional teaching qualification-fifth level-11/2017
  • Professional teaching qualification-fourth level-12/2018

I have been teaching English for more than 20 years now and during all this time I believe or at least hope that I have helped my students a lot. But the truth is, that they have also helped me in many different ways. Thanks to my work and interaction with them I know the most common mistakes they make, I am aware of what they find difficult to understand and I know what they need to practice in order to improve their skills.

Right now I am looking forward to helping you in your endeavors, and I will be really glad to hear your feedback (your opinion and recommendations are very welcome).