There is/ There are

We use the phrases there is and there are to show that something or somebody exists.

We use there is with singular and uncountable nouns.


There is a book on the table.

There is milk in the bottle.

We use there are with plural nouns.


There are five pens in my bag.

affirmativeThere is/There’sThere are
negativeThere isn’tThere aren’t
interrogativeIs there?Are there?
short answersYes, there is./
No, there isn’t
Yes, there are./
No, there aren’t

Note that if you want to list more than one object or person and first one is in singular, you must use there is.


There is a bed, a chair and a desk in the room.


There are a bed, a chair and a desk in the room.

There is/There are vs Have got

We use There is/There are to say that something or somebody exists while we use have/has got when we mention who possesses something.


There is a blue house up the street.

Maria has got a blue house up the street.

Read more about have got here.

Do the quiz there is vs have got :


1. The Browns ______ a beautiful villa by the sea.


2. In my bedroom ______ two chairs.


3. _______ a lot of people in the street.


4. My cat ______ beautiful white fur.


5. In our garden ______ an apple tree.


6. ________ eight rooms in our hose.


7. In our class______ 33 students.


8. ______ a book, a pencil and a ruler on my desk.


9. My mum _____ a red car.


10. _______ a lot of food in the fridge.