words related to temperature

1. The sun is shining brightly in Malta today. The temperature is 35 degrees C/ 100 degrees F. It’s ________.


2. It’s cloudy and rainy in London today. The temperature is 10 degrees C/50 degrees F. It’s _______.


3. Put on a sweater before you go out. It’s ______ today. The temperature is 15 degrees C/60 degrees F.


4. It’s _______ in Ottawa today. The temperature is  -10 degrees C/15 degrees F.


5. We expect a lovely ___ and sunny day today with a temperature of  25 degrees C/80 degrees F.


6. It’s a _____ and snowy day today in New York. The temperature is about 0 degrees C/30 degrees F.


7. Let’s go to the swimming pool today. They expect a rather ______ day with a temperature of 30 degrees C/90 degrees F.