Quiz – Conditional sentences

Before you do the quiz – Conditional sentences, read the rules here.

1. If it rains tomorrow, I _______ an umbrella.


2. If I had more money, I _______ a new car.


3. If you _______ the door open, somebody will enter the house.


4. If you heat water to 100 degrees C, it ________


5. If I _________the bus, I wouldn’t have been late for work.


6. Unless you _______hard, you won’t get good marks.


7. If she had known about the birthday party, she _______ her a present.


8. If I _______ one million dollars, I would buy a house on the beach.


9. If Brenda _______ the truth, she would have told him.


10. If I go out today, I _______ some bread rolls.