Possessive case – formation and use

We use the possessive case to show that someone has something. We usually use it when we talk about people.

We form the possessive case in the following way:

1.We add ‘s after a name or a singular noun.

Example: Mary’s bag is on the bed. The girl’s bag is on the bed.

2. We add after plural nouns ending in -s.

Example: The boys’ room is clean and tidy.

If the plural noun doesn’t end in -s, we add ‘s.

Example: The children’s room is clean and tidy.

3. If the same thing belongs to two or more people, we add ‘s after the last name.

Example: Martin and John’s room is clean and tidy.

4. If each person has their own thing, we add ‘s after each name.

Example: Mona’s and Brenda’s bikes are new.

5. The possessive case is normally used for people. If we want to talk about things, we use the preposition of.

Example: The map of the country is on the wall.

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