Places in town

librarywe can read books there
train stationwe can take a train there
bus stationwe can take a bus/coach there
zoowe can see wild animals there
museumwe can see statues and historical artefacts there
art gallerywe can see paintings there
pharmacywe can buy medicine there
bankwe can draw or deposit money there
hospitalwe go there when we are sick
shopping centre/mallwe can buy different things there
fire stationyou call them in case of a fire
gymyou can exercise there


1. The coach to Madrid leaves in half an hour. Let’s take a taxi to the _________ or we will miss it.


2. I am going to the _______ as I need some money in cash.


3. I see smoke coming out from the neighbour’s house. Call the _______ now.


4. She wants to lose some weight and she goes to the ______ every day.


5. I feel like reading a detective novel. Let’s go to the _________ to see if they have any.


6. Let’s go and see these huge mammals in the local _______.


7. I have an awful stomachache. I think I need to go to the ________


8. Can you please go to the _______ and buy some aspirin?


9. You can see this beautiful gold statue in the local ________ from 17th to 20th May.


10. I have some free time this afternoon. Do you want to go to the ______ and choose a dress for the party?