Comparative and Superlative Form

When we want to use a comparative or superlative form of an adjective, first we must decide if it is a short or a long one.

Short adjectives are those with one syllable ( big, small, fat etc.) and those with two syllables ending in -y ( happy, heavy etc.) All the rest are long adjectives.

For short adjectives

talltaller thanthe tallest
bigbigger thanthe biggest
happyhappier thanthe happiest


I am taller than Jane. Brenda is the tallest of all.

For long adjectives

popularmore popular thanthe most popular
difficultmore difficult thanthe most difficult


English is more difficult than Music. Maths is the most difficult of all.

Irregular comparative and superlative forms

goodbetterthe best
bad worse the worst
much/manymorethe most
littlelessthe least
farfurther/fartherthe furthest/the farthest

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