Character adjectives

Character adjectives are words that describe what a person is like.

reliables.o you can count on
honests.o who doesn’t tell lies
sociables.o who enjoys talking to people
carefuls.o who doesn’t make mistakes
creatives.o who is good at making unusual things
polites.o who has good manners
lazys.o who doesn’t like working
rudes.o who has bad manners
hard-workings.o who works a lot
conservatives.o who hates change or new ideas
arrogants.o who believes he/she is better than others
confidents.o who is sure of his/her abilities
moodys.o who changes feelings frequently
practicals.o who makes sensible decisions
patients.o who doesn’t mind waiting


1. Mina has been waiting in front of the HR office all morning. She is so ________.


2. You should believe Alex. He is ________ and he will never lie to you.


3. Maria thinks she is better than anyone else. She is so ________


4. This is such a _______ girl. She has good manners and always says “please” and “thank you”.


5. Teenagers are often _______ . They get angry easily for no obvious reason.


6. Brenda doesn’t like working a lot. She is a bit _______.


7. My friend likes going to parties and talking to people. She is very ________.


8. My dad likes inventing new useful things. He is very ______.


9. This man never smiles or says “Hello” and “Goodbye”. Don’t you think he is a bit ______?


10. Dad is in the office from early morning till late at night. He is very_______.


11. My mum doesn’t like my new fashionable clothes. I think she is  _________.


12. If you ask Brian, he will help you. He is ______ and you can always count on him.


13. You must be really _________ with this project. You mustn’t make any mistakes.


14. Believe in yourself! Be more ______ in your abilities.


15. He is the most ______ person I know. He always makes sensible decisions.