Adjectives ending in -ed/-ing

Adjectives ending in -ed describe how a person feels.

Example : I feel satisfied with the service.

Adjectives ending in –ing describe what a person, thing or experience is like.

Example: The service is satisfying.


1. My sister is really ________ about the party.


2. Bungee jumping is an _________ experience.


3. I was extremely ________ last night.


4. Being a waitress can be a ________ job.


5. Being alone in the dark forest was  a very ______ experience.


6. He didn’t know where to go and felt _______.


7. I was _______ because he didn’t come to my birthday party.


8. Unfortunately, the test results are ________


9. My brother plays computer games all the time and he never gets ______.


10. Turn off the TV! This film is really _______