bakeryYou can buy bread, biscuits and cakes there
butcher’syou can buy meat there
fishmonger’syou can buy fish and seafood there
bookshopyou can buy books there
stationer’syou can buy pens, pencils, paper, envelopes etc. there
newsagent’syou can buy newspapers and magazines there
greengrocer’syou can buy fruit and vegetables there
grocery storeyou can buy food ans small things for the home there
pharmacy/chemist’syou can buy aspirin and other medicines there
florist’syou can buy flowers and house plants there


1. I need beef and pork for the dinner tonight. Can you go to the ________ and buy some?


2. We have run out of paper for the printer. Someone needs to go to the ______.


3. The doctor gave me a prescription for this ointment. I’ll have to go to the ______


4. John wanted to surprise Anna with a bunch of red roses so he headed for the _______


5. Miriam ordered the birthday cake at the local _______


6. Let’s cook salmon tonight. Will you stop at ________ on your way back home?


7. I feel like reading a good detective novel. Let’s go to the _______ and choose one.


8. Stop at the ______, please. I want to get the new issue of my favourite magazine.


9. We don’t have any tomatoes and cucumbers but I will go to the _______ and buy some later today.


10. If you want sandwiches for dinner, go and get some cheese and ham from the _________